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Protection against the novel Covid-19 viral infection can be tricky. However, some measures are set to ensure minimal contractions and spread. Prevention involves:

  • Keeping distance between yourself and the next person
  • Wearing protective face masks all the time while in public
  • Maintaining hygiene at all times by thoroughly washing your hands
  • Sanitizing surfaces and hands, and most importantly,
  • Staying at home

These measures have been confirmed to reduce the spread. Meanwhile, if you experience the symptoms of the disease, you are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days. Below are details on how hand sanitizers, face masks and testing infrared thermometers work.

Face masks

Three main types of masks can be used. They include:

+ Surgical masks

+ Homemade face masks

+ N95 respirators

Homemade cloth face masks

CDC recommends that while in public places, you should be wearing a face mask; either of the above mentioned is okay. Since it is difficult to keep social distancing, face masks help in containing the spread.

Cloth masks can be a bit difficult to allow free breathing. Therefore, it is recommended that special groups such as children under two years, those with respiratory complications, unconscious people and those who cannot remove the masks without someone’s help should not be forced to use them.

Healthcare givers and those on the frontline of the fight against the virus should not wear this type of mask. Surgical masks and the N95 respirators will do better than these, however, if worn; they should be put on under face shield which extends to the neck region. Buy masks in bulk at Basecamp Mart.

It should be noted that these masks do not protect you against contracting the virus. It minimizes chances but it is highly unreliable. Also, after use, the masks should be washed. And, while removing, be careful to minimize any contact with your nose, mouth or eyes.

Surgical masks

These are pieces of protective gear that are loose-fitting, with elastic of inelastic ties to be looped onto the ears or tied behind the head and protect the nose, mouth, and chin from being exposed. These masks are typically used to protect against inhalation of sprays, and attack by pathogens. Also, they prevent the exit of body secretions which may potentially be infected.

You should note that these masks are worn once they are disposed of afterward.Buy surgical masks in bulk at Basecamp Mart. We work with some of the largest surgical mask manufacturers.

N95 respirators

This is the most efficient of the three types of masks. N95 respirator can certainly filter 95% of disease-causing pathogens including viruses such as COVID-19 and bacteria. In addition to these, N95 filters away sprays micro-organic particles, splashes and respiratory droplets that may suspiciously be infected.

For maximum protection, the N95 is supposed to be held tight on your skin. It is oval or circular made enhancing their protective features. It also comes with elastic bands to ensure it is tightly attached to the face.

Some respirators come with inhaling valves to help with those who have breathing difficulty. The valve also helps to build up humidity and heat. A tight fit is tested before one is allowed to use these masks. It can prove tenuous for those with facial hair and children.Buy best quality N95 masks in bulk at very low prices. We work with some of the largest N95 mask suppliers in India.

Using masks to prevent COVID-19

Coronavirus is transmitted by coming in contact with fluids from an infected person. These fluids may be in the form of coughs, sneezes, sweat, etc. if you breathe these droplets, you will get the virus that attacks the respiratory tract. Also, they can be spread by touching contaminated surfaces.

Therefore, wearing face masks is supposed to keep you safe by preventing the inhalation of contaminated droplets. Homemade masks are preventative especially in public areas such as open-air markets or retail stores. However, they are a risk since when you come in contact with an asymptomatic person, you may get the virus.

The margin for error when using surgical masks is substantial therefore, maintain distance from other people.

Infrared thermometer

It is an electromagnetic gadget used to measure the temperature of an object to avoid contact. It is also known as a Pyrometer. These gadgets are preferred for quick spot temperature tests and places where conventional thermometric gadgets cannot be used.Buy Infrared Thermometers in bulk at Basecamp Mart. We work with some of the largest Infrared Thermometer suppliers in India.

How do they work?

Infrared ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Just like other forms, this radiation can be emitted, absorbed and focused within different wavelengths which are longer compared to those from the natural light.

Science proves that there is a constant random motion of particles in any matter. This movement causes vibrations which in turn produce heat. When infrared radiation is focused on the matter, the corresponding magnitude is the amount of energy the vibrations are producing. This means, the more the vibrations, the hotter the matter and the higher the deflection on the infrared meter. This shows proportionality.

Infrared thermometers, therefore, use lenses to focus the radiation from an object onto a thermopile for detection. The thermopile converts the radiation into an electrical signal which is displayed as a temperature measure in units. The signal if further processed and amplified to give a more accurate reading.

Hand sanitizers

Sanitizing hands and surfaces is one of the methods you are provided with to keep yourself safe and prevent exposure to the virus. The main ingredient in a hand sanitizer is isopropanol also called isopropyl alcohol or just ethanol. Buy Hand Sanitizers in bulk at Basecamp Mart. We work with some of the largest Hand Sanitizer manufacturers in India.

How does it work?

Sanitizers work on hands and surfaces that do not have grease or other organic contaminators. Since the main and active ingredient is alcohol, it can kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. Studies have shown that alcohol is capable of killing disease-causing pathogens at low concentrations of about 30%. However, to kill viruses and stubborn bacteria, the percentage concentration for the sanitizer should not be lower than 70%.

Sanitizers are strong compounds; so strong that some bacteria do not form a resistance against them after continued use. Besides, they do not expire.

The bottom line

The continued spread of coronavirus has seen the attainment of unprecedented numbers. Even those who thought they were safe aren’t finding that comfort now. The disease is contracted unknowingly and so, spread unknowingly; to protect your family and neighbours, you are advised to follow the guidelines given by the WHO that is highlighted in the introduction part of this document.


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